Perth Family Photographer - My Top 7 Locations to Photograph Families in Perth

Born and bred in Perth, Western Australia I adore showcasing my beautiful city in the portraits I take on my photoshoots. We are adorned with an abundance of beauty and light in Perth, with clean blue skies and surrounded by water, Perth is an amazing place to live and photograph. Here are my top 7 places to photograph Family Photography in Perth:

1. Hyde Park

Hyde Park not only caters for the local public to walk their dogs and ride bikes with their kids, it's also one of my most favourite places to photograph my family sessions. We tend to have very harsh light throughout our spring and summer seasons which makes photographing portraits during the day difficult. Hyde Park offers so much shade and cool spots for my portraits thanks to the large Morton Bay Fig trees scattered throughout the park. I love them so much with their majestic grandeur and deep shade. Their large roots offer a place for families to sit under so I can capture them relaxed together. The trees also give me the most gorgeous bokeh in my client's portraits, those little shining stars in the background which I love. With easy parking and a central location, Hyde Park makes my #1 spot in Perth to photograph my families.


2. Raeburn Orchards

My number two spot is tucked away, up in the hills of Perth in Roleystone. There you'll find the beautiful Raeburn Orchards. From the delicious abundance of fruity goodness which can be purchased at in the shop to the visual beauty the trees produce all year round with the ever changing seasons. You'll find me there photographing families and children running through the blossoms and beautiful bellies surrounded by white and pink blossoms drifting from the trees in September at Spring time. February brings rows and rows of ripe apples, pears and plums adorning the trees and screaming 'pick me' offering cool shade from the hot summer sun. Ending their annual life with the most beautiful bursts of oranges and deep reds that set my portraits on fire! Raeburn Orchard is a family run business operating for generations, it's a privilege to be allowed to photograph there and it's definitely a place that's dear to my heart. 

3. Lesmurdie Falls

Walking down the hill in Lesmurdie towards the waterfall you can't help but fall in love with the beautiful Australian bushland alive with flora and fauna, At the bottom of the hill we follow the steady stream stopping at the many beautiful spots along the way, as the afternoon sun filters through the dense trees. Large boulders and native flowers surround us, giving us a few choices in which to find little secluded spots. Continuing towards the waterfall we reach the clearing greeted with the scenic hills and gorgeous city views in the distance. There really is no better location to view the changing colours as the sun sets below the horizon at the days end.

4. Fremantle

My beautiful home town, Fremantle is a wonderland of carefree ocean offerings. From the old-charm streets to the very popular Bather's Beach and Fremantle Markets, great restaurants and festivals all Summer long. Grab some fish and chips and enjoy the casual family friendly atmosphere. It's a location to put on the bucket list for portraits with me at this fun casual place.

5. The Swan River

The Swan River is Perth's hub. It's alive with the most beautiful spots in Perth. My favourite parts are the South Perth Foreshore, Point Walter, Matilda Bay and our iconic little blue boat shed at Crawley. When the sea breeze is low and the clouds are filling the vast sky, the swan river's beauty offers so much 'amazing' for my clients who want an easy place to meet that offers beautiful colours at the end of the day.

6. Mosman Beach & Rockingham Foreshore

South of Perth are where my two favourite beaches are in Perth for my photography. Yes, Mosman Beach is a dog beach, but it's so much more through my lens! With crisp white sand, a long beach and my favourite sand dunes with flowing grasses, it offers me so much for my beach sessions. I love the way the light and my lens marry together at the last half hour of day light on this beach. This is also true for Rockingham Foreshore Beach. The most perfect place for pregnancy bellies, couples and families with young children as there's no waves. It covers all of my bases for a beach location. It's flat waters means I can get in the water with my clients at sunset and create amazing images with the colours that fill the sky and reflect off the water. Even in the park which is situated conveniently next to the beach, the light is soft as it filters through the trees. You really can't go wrong with either beach locations.

7. Araluen Botanical Gardens

Returning to the South East of Perth in the Roleystone Hills is where you'll find the most magical gardens at Araluen Botanical Gardens. With so many locations within one location the variety is endless. Spring brings what Araluen is most famous for, their tulips. On average 125,000 bulbs are lovingly hand planted by local residents and workers at the park during the winter months, preparing it for the spring when the beds become an array of beautiful art works themselves. With a combination of bushland and manicured gardens, little pockets of light filtering through the trees and the cafe for a much needed coffee, it's a wonderful day out and the perfect place for photographs during all the year's seasons.